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Approximately one hour from the city of Esmeraldas we find Sua, a peaceful fishermen's beach that offers several lodging options and delicious local food. Eleven km to the southwest is Same, a resort rising from green palms and crystal waters. Forty eight 48 km from Same lies the Island of Muisne, with its warm waters caressing its virgin beaches. Other beaches known for their hospitality are Playa Ancha, Tonsupa, and Castelnuovo, 20 km from Esmeraldas. There are also other beaches to the north, near the Colombian border, such as Camarones, Colope, and Rio Verde, similarly surrounded by small fishing villages. In the province of Manabi, San Vicente, San Jacinto, San Clemente, Puerto Cayo, Puerto Rico, Puerto Lopez, Crucita, Canoa, Cojimies, Perdernales, and Jaramijo are all incredible beach destinations surrounded by fishing communities, and in total, comprise of some 300 km of Manabi's coastline. Visited all year round, they offer peace, tranquillity, and a variety of gastronomic delights.

Thing to do. The surrounding vegetation is primarily composed of mangroves, brush lands, and timber areas. Places such as Puerto Lopez and Perdernales have grown into populated centres, that serve as departure points for many other ecological destinations. On the Santa Elena Peninsula, Guayas, 15 km from Salinas, Punta Blanca offers various free-time activities including various water sports. Here you'll also find Punta Carnero, known internationally for its amateur fishing. On the other hand, the high waves of Montanita provide excellent opportunities for surfing. Water sports are popular in Manglaralto, where you can also find shrimp larva laboratories. The central attraction of El Oro is the archipelago of Jambeli. It is composed of a collection of small islands surrounded by mangroves, with clean, peaceful beaches full of vegetation. It can be accessed from Puerto Bolivar, crossing the ocean by motorboat.

Urban Beaches
Thirty km from the city of Esmeraldas, in the province of the same name, you'll find Atacames, which receives tourists all year round. Atacames has an ample hotel infrastructure. Along the beachfront are the main restaurants, boasting the region's best traditional dishes. Next to the beach, bars offer typical beverages made from water and coconut. There is also a market walkway offering handicrafts, personal accessories, and objects made of coral. In Manabi, we find Manta, the second largest maritime port in the country, which also is home to a large hotel industry. Manta's main beach, Murcielago, has a modern boardwalk that offers all of the traditional culinary specialties and beverages that the region has to offer. In recent years, it has become a favourite stop for international cruises that travel through the Caribbean and the Pacific of Latin America. Restaurants and discotheques are two of the local attractions that cause Manta to overflow with tourists every weekend. Bahia de Caraquez, another beautiful beach, also offers first-class hotels and many places to relax or have fun. One of its principal tourist attractions is the opportunity to sail up the Chone River by motorboat, all the way to San Vicente. And, in Guayas, a little more than 100 km from Guayaquil, you find Playas. Surrounded by shrimp farms and a variety of palms, Playas boasts rich delicacies based on any seafood imaginable. Further onward, at the end of the Santa Elena Peninsula, 144 km from the principal port, Salinas displays a modern and developed hotel industry. This is an ideal location to partake in water sports and savour the rich foods of the region.
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