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HipEcuador™ is proud to be agent of several cruise-yachts divided in cruise ships and small boats [sailing boats or motor yachts], well known not only by their highest level of service in each category, but also for their careful and responsible operation, their commitment to the conservation of the Islands, their friendly and experienced crew, and their highly qualified and knowledgeable guides.

Actually there are about 90 boats cruising the islands. You can choose between sailing boats, motor yachts or cruise ships from 12, 16, 20, 48 or 100 passenger capacity, which is the limit authorized by the Galapagos National Park.

Due to Park regulations, all cruising yachts or ships have fix itineraries, offering 4, 5 or 8 day programs that include visits to some of the 63 visitor sites distributed among the islands. In some cases, larger itineraries can be request, but subject to approval by the National Park main office.

As distances between islands are considerably and boats must accomplish their itineraries in a limited amount of time, this is an important fact to consider when choosing the length of your tour and type of boat.

This is specially important when choosing a sailing boat instead of a motor boat. Most people are attracted by the romantic idea of a sailing yacht, but Galapagos are not noted by their winds, so much of the time sailing boats will be cruising under motor to keep their schedule.
Cruising the islands in a smaller boat, offer the possibility of visiting the islands in a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere with more time to observe the unique wildlife and landscape and for taking pictures Another advantage to small yachts is the fact that often, large ships cannot anchor or disembark at some visitor sites due to their size or a high number of passengers.

However many people prefer to cruise the Galapagos on the large cruise ships, as they are more stable, and offer more space and comfort than a smaller boats. This option is perfect for those with little sea experience, or less physical abilities, that donít mind to share their vacations with larger groups.

We also offer the possibility of chartering small boats [8-20 passengers], a great idea for families or groups of friends who enjoy traveling with more privacy and intimacy. Under this modality, itineraries can be modified in advance, with the authorization of the Galapagos National Park main office, to suit the groupís interest.
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